Generica: Integrated Quality Management System
Conduct and manage quality processes in your natural working environment where you are most comfortable – Browser, Email, MS Word, and MS Excel

Generica QMS for Life Sciences is a novel, integrated and fully customizable Quality Management System that allows to manage highly complex quality processes easily and securely.

Generica can also be integrated with MS Office applications which allow users to collect and edit information using Word and Excel and later upload the information into Generica. This is most useful when performing offline tasks such as when performing audits, working on CAPA plans, editing documents etc.

  • Out-of-the-box Best Practices
  • Fully customizable Process / Work Flow Engine
  • Extensive Office integration
  • Personal Dashboards & Statistics
  • Electronic Signatures (CFR 21 Part 11)
  • Full Audit Trail, History and versioning
  • Automation & Notifications
  • Robust reporting and analysis

Off-of-the Shelf Best Practices with Tailor Made Customization

Generica QMS allows for a quick and easy tailoring of its out-of-the-box Best Practices processes which results in both short and long term savings. You can support existing processes or install a completely new system – Generica QMS allows you to use your legacy system, while smoothly transitioning to Generica QMS.

Implementations are conducted by highly experienced and professional teams, including analysis the organization, processes and needs, recommend improvements, and implement accordingly.

Quick and Easy Customization and Deployment

The entire customization process is performed while minimizing time and resources from the organization.
We employ an iterative-prototyping process, in which most of the work is done off-site. After only two or three iterations, the design is complete and we are ready to deploy, train and launch.

Generica Interfaces

Work directly from Microsoft Word and Excel

Generica QMS is based on KCS’ “Electronic Smart Objects” technology that enables users to convert simple text into Smart Objects created using Word, Excel, PDF or Email document. All quality management features and capabilities can be executed from the document or from the central management system. Generica QMS allows users to create, update, sign and receive quality components (observations, audit overview, CAPAs, change controls and other “micro content”) directly from the document. This capability reduces overhead, saves time, helps avoiding mistakes, and ensures that the management snapshot is always up-to-date.

Personalized Dashboards

Personalized dashboards focus the tasks and information relevant to each user based on their specific roles. From the dashboard, any kind of quality event can be initiated. The information presented in the dashboards is both graphical and detailed, with drill through capabilities.
Generica QMS comes with a set of pre-defined dashboards for rapid deployment.

BI Capabilities

Generica QMS incorporates a robust yet easy to use reporting and analysis engine. Easily define and share new queries and reports.
On screen report fields represent system records that can be accessed directly from the report.

Generica Modules

Generica Office example


Dashbaord example

Generica open ivent from the Dashboard

Generica BI example

Generica QMS, implemeted by Comply, is developed by KCS