Guide: Intelligent Pharmaceutical Process Management
Seamlessly and rapidly convert SOP's, forms and work instructions into automated, managed business processes
EBR, eDHR, lab automation, e-log books, ...

Guide™ by Mobideo is designed to guarantee effective execution of processes that are captured in forms and documents by shop-floor workers who operate in a tough environment, while enabling real-time and detailed analytics into the use of such information. Guide™ can work as a stand-alone system, or interface with 3rd party MES, ERP and ECM systems and leverage their capabilities while ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Guide™ provides staff with up-to-date work assignments and related manufacturing data, while tracking the execution of such activities and providing full visibility into their status

Guide™ converts forms/documents into a managed business process

Guide document conversion

Guide™ Mobile is a software application for mobile devices (handheld, laptop, tablet) through which shop-floor workers receive tasks that include all the information necessary to perform their work, as it is documented in the original form.

Guide™ Mobile features a unique and friendly user-interface designed for users operating in a challenging work environment. The application guides the user through the process of performing their job, prevents mistakes and minimizing risks.

Based on pre-set rules, the system can block the user if there is a validation issue or a risk of deviation from the approved protocol.
It can raise red-flags and alerts to QA personnel and managers via the Guide™ Portal, e-mails or text-messages.

Guide™ Portal is a web-based application that tracks in real-time all activities performed by Guide™ Mobile users on the shop-floor.
With Guide™ Portal, QA personnel can perform real-time and event driven QA. Managers can see the exact status of the activities performed.

Paper batch record

Guide screen sample

Guide screen sample

Guide portal

Paper batch record

Operational Excellence – Using Skyline and Guide

Operational excellence is achieved through process performance improvements, monitoring and clear visibility of information. The integration of Skyline and Guide provide a robust, easy to use platform to capture data and integrate quality into the process. This considerably reduces risks of non-compliance, reduces data entry errors, approvals and release times.

Guide™, implemeted by Comply, is Developed by Mobideo